Following are some miscellaneous items we’ve collected over the years that we’d like to share:

Educational materials

→ Neuroimaging Wikibook, : Describes theory and practice of major data processing approaches
→ iPython tutorials as jupyter notebooks
→ Writing resources (Please request access from


Brainhack Leipzig 2012 We organized a workshop on Large-scale trends in cortical organization at the MPI in Leipzig in December, 2017.
→ Presentation slides

We’ve also organized numerous Brainhack events, beginning with the first one in 2012.

Open science initiatives

In addition to actively participating in open data and code sharing, we aim to promote a culture of open science through the following initiatives:

Neuro Bureau

Neuro Bureau
The Neuro Bureau aims to facilitate and interdisciplinary collaboration by organizing various events and forums including the Brain-Art Competition, Brain-Art Exhibition, and the preprocessing initiatives.


Brainhack is a unique conference model that rethinks the possibilities of how we bring researchers together. It aims to enable collaboration through promoting a broader culture of open science. Brainhacks contain components from hackathons, unconferences, and educational courses, and are quite easy to organize…

  •  PDF |  Link | Craddock RC, Margulies DS, Bellec P, Nichols BN, Alcauter S, Barrios FA, Burnod Y, Cannistraci CJ, Cohen-Adad J, De Leener B, Dery S, Downar J, Dunlop K, Franco AR, Seligman Froehlich C, Gerber AJ, Ghosh SS, Grabowski TJ, Hill S, Sólon Heinsfeld A, Hutchison RM, Kundu P, Laird AR, Liew S-L, Lurie DJ, McLaren DG, Meneguzzi F, Mennes M, Mesmoudi S, O’Connor D, Pasaye EH, Peltier S, Poline J-B, Prasad G, Fraga Pereira R, Quirion P-O, Rokem A, Saad ZS, Shi Y, Strother SC, Toro R, Uddin LQ, Van Horn JD, Van Meter JW, Welsh RC, Xu T (2016) Brainhack: a collaborative workshop for the open neuroscience community GigaScience 5(1): s13742–016-0121-x

Neuro Bistro

Ice cream for open science Ice cream for open science, was first held at the 2018 meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, in Singapore. In brief, we gave out ice cream in the name of open science thanks to support from the Courtois Project on Neuronal Modelling (NeuroMod), and the Brain Connectivity Behavior Lab, . To keep up to date with future ice cream giveaways, follow us at