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Connectivity visualization

Brain-Art Competition

Organized annually by the Neuro Bureau since 2011, the Brain-Art Competition aims to recognize the beauty and creativity of artistic renderings emerging from the neuroimaging community. For galleries and more information:

Resting-state activity

Resting-state functional MRI data are depicted on the cortical surface. The data is displayed in real-time, as it was acquired on the scanner, with red being high values and blue being low values.

Edge-bundling of functional connectivity

Connectivity glyphs

Glyph visualization example within ventrolateral prefrontal cortex

  •  PDF |  Link |  Code | Bottger J, Schurade R, Jakobsen E, Schaefer A, Margulies DS (2014) Connexel visualization: a software implementation of glyphs and edge-bundling for dense connectivity data using brainGL Front Neurosci 8: 15